Sesame Suntan Lotion 

Summer is a time for endless beach days, tanning by the pool, and non-stop sunshine. When I think of sun I think tanning! My go to sun tan lotion is Lush’s Sesame Suntan Lotion, once you try it you won’t go back to anything else. This luxurious sunscreen lotion has a SPF of 10 and is safe for vegans. This lotion not only protects you from the sun but moisturizes your skin at the same time. Scented like sesame your mouth will be watering, weird I know. The cocoa butter and aloe will have your skin begging for more.

The sesame oil, aloe vera extract, and cocoa butter will have you feeling refreshed even in the hottest of sun. The nutty lotion will leave your skin soft even after your day of fun in the sun. Best part is you will be sun-kissed without being burned.

The only thing about this lotion is that it does remind me of Chinese food. Now normally I wouldn’t mind but while tanning this could be kinda weird. When using this with my aunt we could not help but think of that Seinfeld episode when Kramer uses butter to tan. Yes I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan. I am not sure if this made me love the tanning lotion more or less. Thanks pop culture!

Rating : Sesame Suntan Lotion 4/5


So I know summer is almost over for most, but I had this saved in my drafts and never posted it ! Oops! Lucky for us Floridians we experience summer all year round!

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