Bubbles on Bubbles 

So I attempted to film a bath bomb demo and take some photos and that resulted with the death of my iPhone 6s. Welcome to team android.  Needless to say I am determined to review my beloved Smargadine Bubble Bath! Since this was my second attempt I decided go big, so for this bath cocktail we are going double boubles! I am adding and reviewing the flowering tea reusable bubble bar.
This bad boy who literally means emerald in Greek, was released in the lush kitchen a few weeks ago. It is a blend of patchouli, peppermint, lavender, and sandalwood this thick dark green bubble bath turns your water a light green color. The best part is it’s vegan. Your bathroom will smell like a minty forest. The bubbles will speak for themselves!

This giant tea bag is filled with blue corn flowers, and scented with rosewood oil, neroli, and orange. This bath dunk is so skin softening and has the most beautiful surprise with the blue petals bursting out. This was a floral yet orange scent. The best part is it’s reusable, you can get more than one use out of it! That’s right 1-3 uses. Lot’s of bubbles and milky glittery water? Yes please !

So this double bubble mix was bursting with bubbles. This cocktail was a match made in heaven. The forest in a bottle could use some florals and the flowering tea is bursting at it’s seams. The two came together for a refreshing and calming bath that I highly recommend.

Rating Smargadine: 4/5

Rating Flowering Tea: 3/5

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