Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

bubblegum lip scrub

Lip Scrub: Lush Bubblegum 25g       Price: $9.95

So I have recently started using matte lipsticks, but there’s one thing standing in my way DRY LIPS. Kylie Jenner makes those smooth lips look so easy. I tried all the so called tricks and nothing compares to the Lush lip scrubs. I know what your thinking $9.95 for a lip scrub? But hey they last forever and they get rid of dry lips before applying lipstick and left over stains of remaining lip stick.

What sets this scrub apart is the matching flavor and sweet smell of bubblegum. It instantly took me back to my middle school days walking around with my lip smackers. However this bad boy is a castor sugar scrub with bubblegum flavoring. It is rough enough to easily remove excess skin from the lips leaving them smooth and ready for lipstick application, without being too much and making lips raw. You can either rub it off with your finger or lick it off. Beware once you get a taste it is addictive! I heard of a girl who buys one for her lips and one to eat, I DO NOT RECOMEND EATING THAT MUCH SUGAR!

selfie pink lips glasses

Rating: 4/5  Lush Lip Scrubs 

The only reason I gave it a 4/5 is because it is a small bottle for the price. It does last forever though. Above before applying my matte lipstick I used my go to lip scrub. It makes matte lipstick 500 times easier. As you can see it glides on smoothly. Matte lipsticks were my biggest nightmare, now not so much.



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