Hello Kitty Cafe Visits Miami


Hoodie/Glasses: Nordstrom Joggers: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Adidas Originals

Sometimes dreams come true, for some of us those dreams are hello kitty filled dreams. This weekend the Hello Kitty Cafe visited Miami. The original cafe is located in Los Angeles. For those living under a rock Hello Kitty is a character from Japan that children and adults both love.  She has her own story, and her own friends that are always up to something.

This weekend the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck came to Miami. The truck has been traveling the United States. As a Hello Kitty Super Fan I couldn’t miss out on all the fun. The truck itself was too cute for words. They offered cookies, macaroons, cakes, a bow shaped water bottle, a mug, a shirt, and a chubby bunny headband bow. I had to grab one of everything, and I was glad I did. The cookies one was a bow, one was Hello Kitty, and the last one was the shape of a Hello Kitty doughnut. The macaroons had bows on them and one had Hello Kitty’s face on it. The cakes were decorated all different Hello Kitty styles. Not only was everything adorable it tasted just as good as it looked. The only thing I have not tasted yet are the cookies because they are wrapped up and you can save them for a while.

I was like a little kid when I walked up to the window. Everything was just perfect. Hello Kitty everything, could you really ask for anything more? All I need now is for them to open one here in Miami or to move to Los Angeles so I can work there. Or just eat everything, either way. HMMMM.


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