Museum of Ice Cream Miami

Pastels, pink palm trees, sprinkles, swings, and of course ice cream! I know what you are thinking a sprinkle pool ?! Yes! a Sprinkle pool! Four floors of ice cream heaven, they have a different flavor on each floor. Every floor not only beautiful but fun to play in! Brings out the inner child and ice cream lover in any one!

Running around eating ice cream, throwing sprinkles I felt like a princess with pink every where! I honestly was in a pastel wonderland. There were different flavors to try on each floor soft serve, melted vanilla, mochi (Japanese ice cream), and chocolate with whipped cream. My favorite was the mochi, I will be getting more soon! Although every floor is beautiful, the best part is you guessed the sprinkle pool. Time is limited and the sprinkles aren’t biodegradable, but it’s a sprinkle pool! Everything was beautiful and eye catching. I was memorized from the moment I walked in to the moment I stepped out the gift shop. It was about much more than ice cream, there were facts all over the walls, there was kinetic sand you can play with, even a ping pong ball table. Theres much more than meets the eye. The ice cream doesn’t taste bad either.

This was a sensory overload. I loved every minute of it. Everyone should experience an ice cream wonderland. I heard they are working on making the sprinkles biodegradable, that shows they are listening to our concerns! Every floor revealed something new and even prettier, you almost didn’t know what to expect! So much creativity went into every detail and who would have thought a museum of ice cream could be so beautiful and tasty at the same time.

Rating: 5/5


Onsie: forever 21

Jeans: express

Bag: Vintage¬†Chanel¬†–¬†given to me by my mom

Shoes: adidas EQT

Jacket: adidas


art basel 2k17

Day one was filled with dancing and art. Good music and art what more can you ask for? I was lucky enough to be invited to an event hosted by dutch masters. Yeah, been smoking those for years. There was art everywhere and the amazing artist were also at the event. Make sure to check them out on instagram (handles in photo). I call the last one life imitating art. I was a little busy enjoying the open bar and dancing my ass off. The DJ was just as good as the art, he had the entire place on their feet all night. The overall vibe was amazing.

Outfit details:

shirt: urban outfitters

skirt: american apparel

bag: killstar

Day two Miami decided to be the coldest day it has been all year. I love the cold weather so what better way to enjoy the weather than to walk the Wynwood walls? There was a block party going on with live mural painting, a DJ, food, and of course a bar. While exploring there was so much more than just the walls. There were pop up bars, pop up art studios, pop up coffee shops, and food trucks. Jazz was even being played like a mini block party on one of the closed off streets. There was an alley way closed off with a bunch of vendors selling different hand-made items, even jewelry. There was something for everyone. Basel is one of the times of year where the entire city comes alive.

Outfit details:

coat: dollskill

romper: forever 21

tights/ shoes: target 

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Wine, Please?

Now while Miami is no Napa Valley we do have a hidden gem where you can get away for a little taste of wine country here in our own backyard. Schnebly Redland’s Winery and Brewery has wine, beer, and food. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah amazing views! So not only is it beautiful, there is plenty to do so you won’t be bored, hungry,¬†or sober.¬†Let me start by stating¬†I am no wine expert.

I went with some of my family. We enjoyed wine tasting and dinner. Everything was amazing. If you aren’t a fan of fruity wines this might not be for you. Lucky for me I am. They have everything from Lychee¬†Dolce (lychee wine) to Avovino (avocado wine). You read that right avocado wine, and it’s actually really good. They have Florida inspired wines like Carambola (star fruit wine), Mango, Guava, Coconut, and Passion Fruit wines. Each has a unique flavor and it was hard to choose a favorite. Passion fruit was my favorite, a fruity red wine. They also have a brewery and a restaurant. I cannot wait to go back!

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Dress: Killstar 

Winery: Schnelby Winery

MDW 2017


Memorial day weekend is very important weekend, we can’t forget why we celebrate and have this weekend off. However this weekend I got the opportunity to have a photo shoot and I couldn’t be happier about it. It usually rains here in Miami but we got lucky with amazing weather! Between the pictures, the weather, and the sun tanning by the pool I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

romper: topshop hat: dollskill necklace: rogue and wolf lipstick: limecrime pansy

top: juicy couture skirt: nikki lipstick shoes: YRU highlight: kat von d alchemist palette

shirt//fishnets: alien outfitters belt/glasses: dollskill shorts: express boots:sam edelman

I had a blast running around Miami shooting photos. I loved styling and getting all dressed up. I can’t wait till the next one. All details are mentioned above. When shopping at alien outfitters use my link for 15% off!

sylist//MUA: @stardustfunk

Mothers Day 2017


So my mom likes to make a one day celebration into an event. So we celebrated mothers day not once but twice. She was more than happy to say the least. This year was special because I got to spend it with all the strong women in my life. With all the bullshit going on in the world we can forget how strong we are but I have these bad ass women to remind me. I am thankful for all of them and would not be who I am today with out them!

I hope you all enjoyed your mother’s day as well ! Remember who run the world? GIRLS!

NYX Cosmetics

NYX sign

NYX Cosmetics is one of my go to brands. They are affordable and are AMAZING. Great prices without loosing quality. I was lucky enough to attend the opening of a store in Miami. In previous post I have posted some of my favorite NYX Cosmetics products. I am beyond grateful to have not¬†1 but¬†2 NYX Cosmetics stores¬†in my area. My smile says it all. I will go over 5 products I can’t live without. It was hard to limit it down to 5 but here we go:

  1. Lip Lingerie– Satin Ribbon- is my shade of choice, still ¬†moisturizer and long-lasting I can’t get enough I am dying to try the new lip liners
  2. Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick– Sway- I wore this to Ultra, not only did it stay on everyone was giving me compliments
  3. Butter Lipstick– West Coast- goes on so smooth and so pigmented I have in so many different colors
  4. Color Correcting Palette– comes with 6 different colors and blends well under foundation for problem areas
  5. Total Control Drop Foundation– this is a great light to medium coverage foundation, it comes in 24 shades and is very lightweight

When it comes to makeup I don’t spend hours doing full face and highlight contour all that jazz. I do like to have a fresh face, or what they call “lazy girl face.” All these products help me achieve that look with ease. The employees were helpful and helped me find everything I needed. From the right shade for my skin tone to every lippie my heart desired. I left as happy as my wallet was. Check out some of my badass haul.

FYI not everything fit in this picture… I have a problem ūüôā

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Miami Music Week 2017

So festival season has arrived! That means crazy fashion bold make up looks, and LOTS of glitter! I personally love it, even if I’m just couch raving. Festivals give you the opportunity to dress up and glam yourself up however you feel, whether that be a mermaid or a unicorn. Some might go the other way and dress up as a spider or a queen of darkness. Whatever floats your boat. I love festivals not only for the music but for the feeling of everyone coming together and being able to express themselves. It’s like once you walk through the doors you leave your problems behind and you just feel the love.

The last week in March is one of the craziest and most awaited weeks of the year in Miami, AKA Miami Music Week or Winter Music Conference. This is the week leading up to Ultra Music Festival. Every club is fucking lit with the best DJs from around the world. The pool parties are insane. You never know what is going to happen or who is going to show up. Basically¬†party party¬†party¬†for that entire week than BAM it’s Ultra.

I partied my ASS off. Literally. I went out pretty much everyday and every night and went to the last day of Ultra. I am happy to say I got to see soooo many DJs and even fucking FUTURE!!! So let’s list¬†just a few¬†of the bad asses¬†I saw: Marcus Shultz, Pete Tong, Hot Since 82, DJ Snake, Fedde Le Grande, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Afrojack, David Guetta, Hardwell. I can’t remember some of them the list was so long. I had the best time!

Now down to the nitty gritty… The fashion and the makeup. When it comes to those long hours at a club or at a festival the last thing you want to be thinking about is your makeup. Lucky for me the NYX ¬†liquid suede lipstick in SWAY was able to keep up with my dance moves all of Ultra with only one or two reapplication. I highly recommend for any¬† long wear¬†lipstick! If you are looking for a long lasting gloss look no further than limecrime the diamond crushers are non sticky gloss that stay on for hours, my color of choice is CHOKE. As for the fashion check out my looks below.


Body Suit: Express Shorts: Express Boots: Mark Fisher Lipstick:Limecrime

icee truckShirt: Dollskill Baithingsuit: Tillys Shorts: Express Shoes:Nordstrom

art wallJacket: Dollskill Body Suit: Forever 21 Skirt: American Apparel Boots: Steve Madden

ferry corstenShirt: Alice Vandy- Dollskill Shorts: Express Boots: Steve Madden Lipstick: NYX- sway Eyes/ Highlight: Kat Von D AlchemistPallette

Now that you got the deets here are some more pictures from the real fun of the week! Hope you enjoy and are ready for the rest of festival season! I know I am. What festivals do you plan on attending this year? Let me know in the comments! make sure to add us on twitter and instagram @stardustfunk !!!!

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Hello Kitty Cafe Visits Miami


Hoodie/Glasses: Nordstrom Joggers: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Adidas Originals

Sometimes dreams come true, for some of us those dreams are hello kitty filled dreams. This weekend the Hello Kitty Cafe visited Miami. The original cafe is located in Los Angeles. For those living under a rock Hello Kitty is a character from Japan that children and adults both love.  She has her own story, and her own friends that are always up to something.

This weekend the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck came to Miami. The truck has been traveling the United States. As a Hello Kitty Super Fan I couldn’t miss out on all the fun. The truck itself¬†was too cute for words. They offered cookies, macaroons, cakes, a bow shaped water bottle, a mug, a shirt, and a chubby bunny headband bow. I had to grab one of everything, and I was glad I did. The cookies one was a bow, one was Hello Kitty, and the last one was the shape of a Hello Kitty doughnut. The macaroons had bows on them and one had Hello Kitty’s face on it. The cakes were decorated all different Hello Kitty styles. Not only was everything adorable it tasted just as good as it looked. The only thing I have not tasted yet are the cookies because they are wrapped up and you can save them for a while.

I was like a little kid when I walked up to the window. Everything was just perfect. Hello Kitty everything, could you really ask for anything more? All I need now is for them to open one here in Miami or to move to Los Angeles so I can work there. Or just eat everything, either way. HMMMM.


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Turmeric, The Other Gold

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years for a variety of conditions. Turmeric benefits are so great a bunch of articles have been written about it, from medical professionals to bloggers alike. It has different uses and benefits. It is arguably the powerful herb at fighting and preventing disease. Turmeric is a relative of ginger and grows in the tropical regions of Southern Asia. The majority is grown in India for curry. It’s roots are bulbs that produce rhizomes and stems for new plants with dull yellow flowers.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, its most important role. It has been used in both Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestive, skin, liver, wounds, and different diseases. A number of lab test show curcumin does have anticancer effects. It kills cancer cells and prevents them from growing. For those not sick taking it as a preventive measure won’t hurt. There has been a lot of talk about turmeric and it’s anticancer properties but its preventive effects can be related to its antioxidant properties that protect cells from damage. The main point is more research needs to be done.

Antioxidants scavenge molecules known as free radicals that damage cells. They can go as far as damaging cell membranes, tempering with DNA and cause cell death. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This is one of the reasons it is used for the skin.  The antibacterial properties also reduce scarring and acne. WARNING turmeric is considered a natural dye so it does stain anything it comes in contact with yellow.  If you have yellow residue on your skin dab a cotton ball in water or milk and rub it to remove the residue. Always perform an arm test to check for allergies to any of the ingredients !



  • mash 1/2 banana to smooth paste¬†
  • add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and stir well
  • apply paste and leave on skin for 30 minutes¬†
  • wash with warm water

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