my fur-babies!

When it comes to pets the most important thing is ADOPT DON’T SHOP!  Christmas is a time where families are often given puppies or kittens as gifts. This is all fine and dandy until they grow up, most families don’t prepare for the responsibility and unfortunately they end up at the local shelter. That is where you come in, adopt don’t shop!

I have so many fur babies and I love them all so much. Most of them have been adopted from the Miami Dade Animal Shelter or Out Reach centers. At my home I have 2 dogs and a cat. At my boyfriends home he has 2 dogs. Like I said lot’s of fur babies! They are so happy to be adopted and feel right at home !


Let me introduce you to my crew ! Starting with the newest additon Sherrwood.


Meet Sherwood. He is a Goldendoodle, currently staying with my boyfriends family. He is a beautiful puppy, who loves to play. As seen above he loves tenis balls. He is so smart and cuddly. Just look at those curls! You can say it was love at first tail wag.





Next up is my forever puppy.


Meet Nana. This beautiful cockerspaniel keeps boyfriends abuela(grandmother) company at home. We call her a forever puppy because she stayed the same size she never grew up! We named her after the dog in Peter Pan, Nana. I know dogs are not supposed to eat popsicles but who could say no to this cutie?






Next up is Reeses, a true rescue story.


Reeses was rescues from Miamia Dade Animal Services right before Christmas in 2010 by myself as a Christmas gift for my brother as he always wanted a German Sheppard. As I  brought her home we noticed she was sick we took her to 3 different vets that told us she was terminal and we had to put her down. I refused to listen and put down a dog on Christmas so I went back to the Shelter and there they were able to help bring her back to health. Here we are years later and she’s happy healthy and riding in the back of my brothers truck. She sleeps in my brothers room and will not leave his side



Then we got the oldest of the bunch, Coco.

cocoYeah that’s the only picture I can get of her. She’s old but still fiesty. A jack russell that we have had for about 14 years now. She has been the most fun and the most unpredictable dog. She can surf in our pool. She can also tear apart lizzard in half a minute if you let her. In her prime age she would swim and chase you down the pool. Even in her old age she chills out with my cat Bruce and Reeses.






Last but not least Master Bruce Wayne.


The Lion in my bedroom. Master Bruce Wayne, named after of course Batman. He lives with me in my bedroom. He is my first cat, it’s a learning experience, and I love him. He has helped me so much with my anxiety I cannot beging to explain it. He is weird like me I guess. Always remember cats do not abide by the laws of nature( if you catch that reference you are totally awesome).



All my animals are amazing. I have been lucky to be able to adopt these wonderful animals. I encourage you to do the same. It will not only save the life of an animalin need it will give so much more to your life. I can’t imagine my life with out these guys in it. They make day to day life happier one tail wag  or purrrr  at a time.


Polaroids of my babies

*sorry Sherwood you weren’t born yet*



Hope Gone Viral

via Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral

This post really got to me. Hope is everywhere. Quoting starwars, no spoilers “we are built on hope” I feel without hope we have nothing. Especially now with all the bad going on in the world, not just in the United States, all we have is hope. Hope is every where we just have to open our eyes.

As an epileptic 24-year-old living in Miami that cannot drive working full-time living at home with her parents aka “room mates” running a blog and a business part-time its easy to feel hopeless. Being sick so young is not fun, especially not having a car. Having anxiety doesn’t help. Living in Miami is a blessing and a curse. Like I said hope is all around us we just have to look!

I have hope that I will soon have my car and be able to drive. I have hope that I will overcome my anxieny one step at a time. I am inspired by my mother who last year was able to overcome breast cancer. She is still fighting everyday, she gives me hope to overcome anything. She is just one example of hope being right in front of our eyes. We can take everything for granted.

Amazon what we use to order literally everything, they now give you the option to donate to a cause. Just use Amazon Smile and choose what cause speaks to you. Each time you make a purchase you will donate to the cause of your choise. I chose ASPCA and I couldn’t be happier to donate each time I order. No matter how small anything you do helps. That is hope.

We are the hope. We can inspire hope. As writers, as readers is it our duty to bring hope to our community. Hey I’m not saying to go out of your comfort zone. Every little bit can help. With all the bad things going on be the good you want to see in the world. Hope is what we need.