6 months !

Wow I am almost in tears as I type this. So much has changed in these past six months. I am so happy to say I am now six months seizure free. To some it means nothing, but those who suffer from epilepsy they know how big of a milestone this may be. Last Halloween I remember munching out on candy and watching every 80’s horror film you could imagine, that’s about it.  The next morning I had an epileptic episode. I don’t remember anything but waking up in a hospital with my family all around me.

Fast forward to six months later! So much has changed in the past six months. I have had some of my worst days and some of my best days.  I am taking my medication regularly, trying holistic remedies, sleeping every night, drinking more water, and exercising regularly. Cutting out all the toxic people out of my life has helped a lot too. Every little bit helps to help maintain a healthy life. I am not only healthier but happier. Being healthy has made me happier, and being happy has made me healthier. Not going to lie, taking my medication every night sucks, but trying out all different natural or holistic remedies has not only been fun but I have learned a lot. remember everyone’s body is different and you should always consult with your doctor (some you might need a prescription).

Favorite natural treatments:

  • yoga
  • CBD
  • massages
  • baths
  • medical marijuana
  • tea
  • vegan

Some I hated:

  • acupuncture
  •  chiropractor

Hey that is just some of my experiences. I am always trying new things and I swear just sitting by the beach for a day and just listening to the waves crash cures any anxiety I have building. Even taking a weekly  “mental health day” and drawing a long bath and slapping on a face mask can really make a difference. I couldn’t have made it without my friends and family’s endless support. Trying to live a normal life is hard when you don’t drive but watch out because I’m hitting the roads! Every day is a struggle but I am truly happy to hit this milestone. This is only one small step, but every step is progress!

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