peach and lily

Everyone knows Korean skin care is years ahead of it’s time. I have always wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and keeping up with my new years resolution of trying new things and brands i decided to try out peach and lily. This isn’t just one brand, it’s a bunch of different Korean skin care products all carefully selected for you. The site was started by a harvard student, but the products are from Japan and Korea. Korean’s lead the beauty industry. With all the products out there this site makes it easy to chose. To be honest I mainly ordered because I saw someone online ordering the bat face mask and I needed to have it.


These sheet mask have real honey, blueberry, and green tea it’s amazing. I used the honey one and I felt like Winnie the Pooh it was so bad. In my opinion you can never go wrong with a sheet mask!


I have not tried these yet, they were free with my first order. Yay! I’m excited to try them out. The green one is a soothing sheet mask. The coral one is a plumping sheet mask.


So at first I thought this was three different lip masks but it’s one lip mask that has three steps. The Monkey is your guide. Plump is the end goal i’m guessing?


The bottle of sauce is hydrating nourishing essence or maple water. This is perfect after washing your face, not too heavy. The green tube is a exfoliating face mask. It is not only made up of maple but also apple. It goes and smooth then scrubs off all your dead skin.


The reason for this order. Aint he the cutest lil bat in the entire world. I had only seen the silicone under eye masks before this one. I am beyond smitten with this one, as far as helping with my eyes I will get back to you on that one.


These products some are a bit odd. I am always looking to try Asian beauty and don’t know where to start, but peach and lily has a little bit of everything for everyone. I will be ordering some more sheet masks very soon. The shipping was so fast, everything got here in two days. I was overall happy with my purchace.



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