Cruising Around

This October had something special a Friday the 13th. Instead of doing something spooky like I naturally would my mother decided to celebrate her birthday. She did so by going on a cruise. It was my parents, my brother, my grandmother, and her sister. We drank, we gambled, we tanned, and we spent quality family time together. Needless to say my mother enjoyed her birthday celebration.

We traveled on Norwegian Cruise Line. NCL is a freestyle cruising, that means no schedules. We were lucky enough to also have an unlimitted drink pass. I have travelled NCL before and highly recommend it! We stopped at Atlantis and at their private island. Both were beautiful. Gambling and a beautiful beach? Yes please! The weather was perfect it was hot out but the water was nice and cool. The water was crystal clear blue. I could not have asked for a better family trip. The best part was all of us enjoyed ourselves young and old. My mom was just as happy, she cannot wait til next year!

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