Skin Care, You Should Care

Every one has a skin care routine, even those of you who say I don’t have one. I didn’t realize it until recently how bad I was treating my skin. It does not have to take hours, taking care of your skin has nothing to do with make up. Just a few steps can change the look of your skin and in the long run you will appreciate it! We are young now but no one wants to old and saggy one day. Once you get to know your skin you will fins the perfect products and routine for yourself. It took some trial and error and a lot of disciplining myself to get into the habit but here is a look into my skin care routine.

The most important part of any skin care routine is WATER! Drink it up. Start with the recommended 8 glasses but if you feel like you can use more go for it! No matter what skin type you have water, water, water. Drinking water will help even out your skin tones and texture. Not only your skin but body will love this.

A handy-dandy face wash is always important. When we go out into the world on a daily basis we get all the dirt and grime into our pores, we need something to get it out. My go to product is the NYX STRIPPED OFF WHIPPED CHARCOAL CLEANSER . It comes out grey and a whipped cream texture, but lathers out to white. This product contains activated charcoal so it is great for pulling everything out of your pores. I do not find that it is too harsh on my sensitive skin.

For when we don’t have time to wash our faces but we need to freshen up, you know it, toner. I think everyone should have a good toner on hand. As a lush lover my go-to toner is BREATH OF FRESH AIR . It contains sea water and aloe vera to cleanse and soothe the skin. Perfect for after the gym or for when on the run. I sometimes use this after my make-up remover to clean up whatever gunk is left behind.

What is a skin care routine without a good moisturizer? I apply my mine every night before I go to bed. It was very hard for me to find a moisturizer that worked for me. I tried serval samples some from Sephora and some from Lush before I found the one that worked for me. Best advice i have is don’t be shy and ask for help. If it wasn’t for one of the lush employees I wouldn’t have found this life saving product. So I freaked out at the price but it has helped with my combination skin and no break outs! So my go to product is GORGEOUS . The evening primrose oil must be the secret, or maybe the honey water. Damn lush somehow you got me again.

I do not wear makeup daily but I do like my face to look matte. This skin elixir wakes me up every morning with my cup of coffee. My go to is NYX TEA TREE BALANCE PRIMER . Although it says primer it can be used with or without makeup. I usually apply it with out make up on my way to work for that extra glow aka I didn’t just wake up. It does smell like tea tree but since I use it in the morning it tends to be like a wake up call.

Last but not least what is a skin care routine without a face mask? Now I have expressed my love for clay before so of course I am choosing a clay face mask. Did I just mention I love tea tree, yeah that too. Check out STARDUSTFUNK MERMAID FACE MASK . I use this usually when I need to relax and unconnect from the world. Slab some on for about 20 minutes or as long as a bubble bath and wash that sucker off. This mask contains sea clay, tea tree, and geranium so it does wonders for your face while smelling earthy and floral. Once washing off my skin I follow-up with a moisturizer.

That’s a look into what I do on the daily. I have seen my face go from blah to glow up in just a few weeks. I’m not one for lot’s of make up but I do want to take care of my skin. I have been getting compliments from everyone lately and it does feel good tbh.  SELF LOVE//CARE IS IMPORTANT. If you start when your young you won’t regret it when your older!

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