Hope Gone Viral

via Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral

This post really got to me. Hope is everywhere. Quoting starwars, no spoilers “we are built on hope” I feel without hope we have nothing. Especially now with all the bad going on in the world, not just in the United States, all we have is hope. Hope is every where we just have to open our eyes.

As an epileptic 24-year-old living in Miami that cannot drive working full-time living at home with her parents aka “room mates” running a blog and a business part-time its easy to feel hopeless. Being sick so young is not fun, especially not having a car. Having anxiety doesn’t help. Living in Miami is a blessing and a curse. Like I said hope is all around us we just have to look!

I have hope that I will soon have my car and be able to drive. I have hope that I will overcome my anxieny one step at a time. I am inspired by my mother who last year was able to overcome breast cancer. She is still fighting everyday, she gives me hope to overcome anything. She is just one example of hope being right in front of our eyes. We can take everything for granted.

Amazon what we use to order literally everything, they now give you the option to donate to a cause. Just use Amazon Smile and choose what cause speaks to you. Each time you make a purchase you will donate to the cause of your choise. I chose ASPCA and I couldn’t be happier to donate each time I order. No matter how small anything you do helps. That is hope.

We are the hope. We can inspire hope. As writers, as readers is it our duty to bring hope to our community. Hey I’m not saying to go out of your comfort zone. Every little bit can help. With all the bad things going on be the good you want to see in the world. Hope is what we need.


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