Sick Days Call for Cookies


This week I have had a pretty bad cold. First off I went to the doctor of course, but me being the brat that I am was feeling sick and that was not enough. I needed something to make me feel better and not just anything. I knew the perfect thing to make this sicky-poo feel just right. Miami’s own Night Owl Cookies, if you haven’t heard of them you might be living under a rock. Opened by a Florida International University Student these cookies will turn any one into the cookie monster. With cookies made fresh to order and a different menu every night, there is a cookie for everyone. Each cookie is different but helps bring back a childhood nostalgia. For example the Ave Maria cookie made with guava and Maria cookies reminds me of my grandmother cutting up pieces of guava and handing me Maria cookies as a kid. The Couch Potato cookie is perfect for those who like it salty and sweet a chocolate chip cookie topped with potato chips and salted caramel. Night Owl has a storefront but also offers delivery through their website. Definitely turned this sick girls night around.


Pictured above Ave Maria, Birthday, and Cookies and Cream.

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